5G owned. We're building the UK's fastest 5G network

Why we'll be the UK's fastest 5G network

5G is coming

Life's gonna get wild when 5G goes live later this year. 25 lucky towns and cities across the UK will feel our sweet 5G speed.

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5G locations in the UK
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Building the UK’s fastest 5G

More bleeding edge tech than anyone else and specs that read like a geek's dream – why we'll be the UK's fastest 5G network

We're built for the internet

It's us. It's always been us. Hold onto your thumbs, 'cos our super-fast speeds and high capacity are coming your way.

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What is 5G?

Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile network delivering a massive leap forward in both speed and quality. Its super-fast speeds, capacity and low lag mean more people will get more data, more quickly. It's game-changing for the way we use data for movies, apps, downloads, high definition video streaming and gaming. It makes crazy, weird things possible. Start thinking beyond anything you've thought before.

How fast is 5G?

When we say fast, we mean stupid fast. Faster than lightning fast. Imagine the cleverest people in the world threw everything at it, and some. Well it's that. Forget what went before – there's no comparison. This is a revolution. This is the future. All you need to do is get ready for a no-lag life. Forget buffering, FaceTime freezes or gaming dramas. Just buckle up tight for the ride of your life.

What difference will 5G make?

The big news? It's not just about speed. 5G is going to drastically change our future. You'll get incredible phone coverage in busy places, packed trains or festival crowds. Yeah, you're expecting that, right? Then think on this. Get a tattoo in Camden by an artist in San Fran. 3D print a pizza from the sofa and get it delivered by Deliveroo. Think even more crazy. Turn the world into a huge Snapchat lens and everyone in your life will be a flower. Nooow you're thinkin'.

Why 5G on Three?

We've got twice as much 5G spectrum as anyone else, as well as other super techy stuff. And, wait for it, we're making home broadband sooo much easier it's not even funny – kiss fibre optic cables and landlines goodbye. We're not just talking consistent, uber-fast downloads, oh no, we're talking no engineers (soz, we love you really), no installations, no booking appointments, no taking the afternoon off. You get the picture – you get the hub, you plug it in, you're online. You're golden.

Why Three?

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