The Team.

Our business is about making

mobile communications and the

internet affordable and

accessible to everyone.

Our organisation reflects this. Each team is led by someone who

knows what we need to achieve and how their team will help us reach

our goals.

Graham Baxter

Chief Operating Officer

Graham has worked for Three UK for eight years becoming CTO in June 2007. In July 2011 he was promoted to Chief Operating Office. As COO, he is responsible for balancing commercial and operational issues across the business with a focus on constantly improving the network experience.


Graham is also responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of technical initiatives across the entire mobile network.  As CTO he led the first phase of Three’s network upgrade programme, which coincided with the major network share deal with T-Mobile now known as MBNL (Mobile Broadband Network Limited).


Prior to working at Three, Graham was Head of Network Design and Systems Infrastructure at Orange UK, which he joined in 1995.