Responsible Business.

Our commitment to #makeitright is reflected through the way we do business.


We’re dedicated to running our business responsibly.


From respecting human rights and upholding ethical standards to using innovation to make things better for our people, customers and communities.


We recognise the positive impact that we can have when we make the most of our skills and resources to address some of the most pressing social and environmental issues. Especially when we engage our people, customers and supply partners to achieve more together.



For our customers.



We offer you a better experience through providing the most recommended network and we give you extra ways to enjoy it by providing Feel At Home, 4G at no extra cost, game changing PAYG rates and more


We make our network, website and services open and accessible for you, as well as providing you with guidance on how your children can access the benefits of the online world safely.


We work together to provide you with a service that you can enjoy and trust, and we give you a voice by challenging our industry to improve your experience.



For our people.



We provide our people with opportunities to develop their skills and create successful careers with us, as we continue to grow together. Reimagined Learning is our pioneering training programme that offers our people the chance to develop their skills and collaborate with colleagues from across the business, while inspiring the next generation of reinventors.


Our people are encouraged to have a voice and share their ideas for how we can improve as a business. They help to shape and develop our approach with the feedback that they give us through our Listening Posts, Employee Forum and in our biannual Sense Check Surveys.


We recognise and reward our people based on our Three behaviours, which help us all to go the extra mile for our customers and each other.


We believe Wellness is about so much more than eating an apple and going for a run. It’s about supporting our people’s whole selves. Creating the opportunities and space for them to look after their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and supporting them to do this. From ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, that encourage our people to spend 2 hours doing something for their wellbeing, to our ‘Your cause, your way’ offer which helps them support the causes they love.



For our communities.



Whether we are sharing ways to make the most of the social or resourceful aspects of the internet through our Discovery sessions or connecting young people to the career opportunities available in our industry through Reimagined Learning, we’re helping our communities to make the most of the online world.

While many of us cannot imagine a world without internet access, there are still over 15m adults in the UK who still don’t have smartphones. Through Reconnected we’re working with some incredible charities to giving these people in need a free second-hand smartphone and 3 months of free network use.



For our environment.



In a world where climate change is no longer just a threat, we can contribute to protecting our environment by managing our own footprint, as well as supporting our customers and suppliers to live more sustainably.


Similar to most businesses, we continue to reduce our carbon footprint through making changes to the way we operate. From the basic approach of encouraging recycling and waste reduction in the places we work, through to using renewable energy and making refurbishments to improve the efficiency of our buildings and data centres.


We were the first to share the infrastructure that supports our network with another mobile operator, through a 50:50 joint venture MBNL. Our approach enables us to minimise our environmental impact by limiting the energy, equipment and number of sites that we need to provide great coverage and reliability for our customers throughout the UK.

Beyond SIM only planspaperless billing and device recycling, we wanted to find more opportunities for our customers and suppliers to make more sustainable choices with us. 44% of mobiles end up forgotten in drawers, causing increasing e-waste and creating a loss of valuable rare earths. Through Reconnected, we’ve come up with a way to do something amazing with all those old phones.


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