Get unbeatable rates for data on Pay As You Go.

PAYG on Three.

Looking for some great value mobile deals, but don't feel like committing to a long-term contract? Look no further. We've got some fantastic Pay As You Go deals on data, minutes and texts, with plans to suit all your needs, at prices that don’t break the bank.

Here's how we look.

Whatever your needs, we've got a package to suit you. Our Pay As You Go rates for data are unbeatable, and our rates for calling and texting aren't too shabby either.

Make your credit last longer with 3p a minute, 2p a text, and 1p per MB of data, no matter how often you top up. Here's how we stack up against everyone else:


Three 1GB 5GB12GB30GBAll-you-can-eat
GiffGaff 1GB2GBAlways on*
Lebara 1GB2GB3GB5GB
Tesco 2GB4GB8GB
Vodafone 1GB 6GB

Comparison includes data only and does not take into account minutes, texts or promotional offers. Correct as at 1st August 2017.

*giffgaff speed restrictions apply to Always On data after 6GB of data usage.

Bundles based on O2 Big Bundles, Virgin Big Data & Texts, EE Everything packs, Vodafone Data Rollover, Tesco Mobile PAYG Data Bundles, Lyca Mobile UK Plans, Lebara Mobile All in & giffgaff goodgybags.

Calls and texts.

3p a min 30p15p 15p Mobile / 9p Landline19p Mobile / 9p Landline5p5p5p
2p a text 12p5p19p 19p5p5p5p
1p per MB £1 a day9p12p5p5p5p5p

Call, text and MB rates are based on the lowest rates for UK mobiles up to date as of 1st August.
Calls are to standard UK landlines and mobiles only - other calls may cost more.

How to get it.

We've got a few options for Pay As You Go. Take a look and see what suits you.



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Already with us and just wanna top up your credit? We'll have you sorted in no time (you can also top up using the Three app).

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For those times when your plan just isn't quite enough, we've got a set of Add-ons that last for 30 days, and can help make sure you've got all you need.

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