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SIM Only deals.

What are SIM Only deals?

A SIM Only deal is the best option for you if you need a new plan, but you’re happy with your current phone or tablet and want to keep it. If you’d like to take up a new contract and you just need a SIM Only plan for your device, you’ll only be paying for the SIM contract, so you’ll be saving money on the cost of the phone or tablet. There’s also loads of flexibility with our SIM Only deals. Regardless of whether you’re after one of our all-you-can-eat data plans or not, all our SIM Only contracts include minutes, texts and mobile data. In addition, we have one-month and 12-month pay monthly SIMs available too. So, with a range of plans to choose from, you’ll be able to select the best SIM Only deal to suit your needs. We also have Pay As You Go SIMs, mobile broadband and tablet SIMs for getting data on the move.

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