Topping up abroad.

If you're going away on holiday, it's a good idea to top-up your phone, tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle before you leave. But if you need to top-up while you’re away, you'll need to pay by debit or credit card, as you won't be able to buy a Three voucher on your travels. Read more about topping up.

Go Roam.

How you top-up when you're abroad will depend on whether you're travelling to a Go Roam Destination or not.

  • If you're visiting one of our Go Roam destinations, you'll be charged at our 3-2-1 rates if using your top-up credit, but you can use Add-ons to give you even better value for money as these can also be used in our Go Roam destinations. Just choose a top-up option and follow the instructions to top-up and buy an Add-on.*
  • If you're visiting a country which isn't part of Go Roam, you'll be charged our international roaming rates for any usage. You'll need to top-up with credit as our Add-ons won't work.
  • If you've bought an All-in-One Add-on, you can use up to 15GB of data per month in a Go Roam destination. If you go over this fair use , you'll be charged 0.50p/MB except if you’re in the following countries in which case the surcharges are 0.41p/MB, 2.8p/min and 0.9p/SMS:  Aland Islands, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Martinique, Mayotte, Norway, Réunion and Switzerland But don't worry, we'll text you in advance if it looks like you're approaching the limit.

*If you're topping up your tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle, you'll be prompted to buy Add-on straight away.

More about Go Roam.

My3 top-up.

You can top-up by logging into your My3 account below and paying by credit or debit card. You can either choose to register a card, which allows you to save your details for future top-ups, or make a one-off payment. Read more about topping up.

  • To register a card and top-up in My3, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage, then select the Credit/debit card tab and Register this card for future use on the payment screen. You can also register a card by going to the Manage cards section of My3 and selecting Add card.*
  • To make a one-off card payment, simply fill in your payment details or select the One-off payment option.

*Please note: If you register a card using the Manage cards section of My3 from your computer, we'll automatically take a £10 payment from your card and add it to your account balance as credit.

If you've run out of credit abroad, you might not be able to access the internet and My3 on your phone, so you'll need to use another phone, or computer, to top-up this way.

Log in to My3.

Web top-up.

You can also top-up on the web without logging into My3, or registering a credit or debit card.

  • Follow the link below, enter the number you'd like to top-up, select Credit/debit card or Voucher and follow the on-screen instructions to top-up.

If you've run out of credit abroad, you might not be able to access the internet and on your phone, so you'll need to use another phone, or a computer, to top-up this way.

Web top-up.

Over the phone.

If you're a phone customer, you can also top-up by calling +44 7782 333 444 and following the instructions to top-up by card. However, if you've run out of credit you may need to use another phone.

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