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At Three, we've always strived to make mobile fair. We challenged the industry on hidden fees, we introduced 4G at no extra cost and we were first with free roaming. All promises we delivered on, but watch this space. We’re far from done yet.

Feel at home

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

With Feel At Home, you can use your phone to call and text the UK or use data, in 60 destinations worldwide, leaving you free to get on with enjoying your holiday.

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We make sure you can control your spending.

Nobody likes an unexpected bill for calls over your allowance. You can rely on us to ensure this is a thing of the past. Simply block your phone from making calls over and above your allowance and block numbers that aren’t included in your plan like those premium-rate text competitions. Now chill.

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Spend Caps

Feel at home

Unbeatable Pay As You Go rates for data.

Rely on us for unbeatable Pay As You Go rates for data. Make your credit last longer with 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p per MB of data, no matter how often you top up. What’s more, your credit will never expire. #makeitright

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Cut out the stuff you don’t need for the stuff you really do.

Our Essential plans remove some of the frills but you can still set your own limits for voice and data and enjoy the flexibility of changing your mind whenever needed. It’s just another thing you can rely on us to do for you.

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Essential Plans

Save time. Use the Three app.

No queues, no calls.

And there is more #makeitright


A small gesture can make a big difference. Donate a phone.

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Three inTouch.

Bad signal indoors? Our customers can use Wi-Fi to call and text.

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Three inTouch

Three Rescue.

Lost, stolen or damaged phone? With Three Rescue™ we'll replace it the next day*.

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Three Rescue

4G Super-Voice.

Kick Indoor Blackspots' ass with 4G Super-Voice.

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4G Super-Voice