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Change your plan without extending your contract. Get extra minutes and data, with no extra commitment. You can get added Three benefits too. From only £3 extra a month.

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Our Add-ons keep up with you. If you're getting a recurring or a non recurring Add-on, we've got data for days and something to suit everyone.

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Should I change my plan, or just get an Add-on?

It really depends on how much you need. If you’ve unexpectedly used up all your data, then an Add-on can give you a handy one-off boost to get you through to the end of the month. But if you find that your current allowance isn’t enough, then a new plan is probably just the thing.

If you’re at the end of your contract, there’s a third option – upgrading. This way, you can change your plan and get a new device at the same time.

Boost, Boost, baby!

Three’s One Day Boost Unlimited lets you use your data as much as you like across the UK, with no hidden charges. Just £5 a day.

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Add-on & extra allowance FAQs.

How long will my Add-on last?

Which Add-ons can I get?

Can I increase my Personal Hotspot allowance with an Add-on?