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Tired of running low on minutes or data?

Change your plan without extending your contract. Get extra minutes and data, with no extra commitment. Or, change your plan to get all of the added Three benefits, like Go Roam and Go binge. From only £3 a month extra.

Need a temporary boost?

Our Add-ons can keep you going until your next bill. There's one-time and rolling Add-ons, designed to suit you.

Change your plan, or get an Add-on?

There's a few differences between Add-ons and changing your plan.

Add-ons act as small one-off boosts to get you through to the end of the month, to cover any unexpected high usage. If you need something to tide you over, or you need a Personal Hotspot allowance at short notice, an Add-on is perfect.

If you're going over your allowance every month, though, it's probably because your plan isn't giving you what you need. You'd probably prefer moving to a plan that can deliver everything you need, so you don't have to worry about running out every month.

Add-on & extra allowance FAQs.

How long will my Add-on last?

Which Add-ons can I get?

Can I increase my Personal Hotspot allowance with an Add-on?